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You can buy live crickets and live superworms here on our website. The food for lizards needs to be healthy in order to keep your lizard healthy, and our production system produces crickets that are top quality. We sell the best species of crickets for lizards. Millbrook sells the brown crickets (acheta domestica). When you need crickets for geckos, crickets for bearded dragons, crickets for chameleons, or crickets for reptiles, Millbrook is your best choice. You can buy crickets online, or you can order crickets over the phone.
Buy crickets from Millbrook and be satisfied you have the best.
Buy Live Crickets
Click here to buy live crickets for lizards. Crickets are available in 1000 count and 500 count boxes. Live crickets are great food for reptiles.
Buy Superworms
Click here to buy superworms. Superworms are available in 1000 count and 500 count boxes or in 35 count cups. These worms are excellent food for lizards.
Buy Cricket Accessories
Click here to buy food and water for crickets. You can also buy a cricket drinker or a cricket measuring tube.
Buy Reptile Food
Click here for a comprehensive list of all the live reptile food we sell. This live reptile food can also be used to feed frogs, birds, salamanders, and spiders.

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